Main Policy

Requirements for connecting to GetaFIX

You need to have your own ASN and at least a /24 of IP addressing assigned by a local or regional Internet Registry (typically APNIC for the Philippines.) You will also need to have a router capable of peering with GetaFIX via BGP, and supporting at least a 1Gbps port speed.

Allowed traffic

To maintain the integrity of the exchange we have the following requirements around traffic sent.

No Bilateral Connections with Paid Content

On a Peering Only port bilateral connections with paid content are prohibited.


Only the following Ethertypes are allowed on GetaFIX:

MAC addressing

GetaFIX uses MAC locking to limit the risk of broadcast storms. Only one MAC address is allowed per port and traffic from other MAC addresses will be dropped.

No Proxy ARP

Proxy ARP must be disabled on any router interface connected to GetaFIX. This is enabled by default on some devices (especially Cisco IOS, where the command “no ip proxy-arp” should be applied.)

No link-local traffic

Traffic for link-local protocols should not be sent to the exchange. This includes protocols such as:

The following link-local protocols are exceptions and are allowed:


In order to maintain quality for all members, individual GetaFIX ports must never be congested. If your port has a 99th percentile greater than 90% of it’s capacity, (for example, a 99th percentile higher than 900M on a 1G port) it may be subject to automatic upgrade pursuant to the terms and conditions of your Service Agreement.

No advertisement of GetaFIX IP range

The GetaFIX peering LAN IP range should not be advertised outside of a members network without explicit written permission of GetaFIX.


Each participant connecting GetaFIX should take all necessary precautions to assure that abuse of network resources, both that of GetaFIX and its peers does not occur.

Participants must arrange suitable insurance to cover their equipment if it is hosted within GetaFIX racks. Insurance must include adequate cover for third party liability in the event of the participant's equipment causing damage to GetaFIX, other participants or third party staff or equipment. GetaFIX may demand, and the participant must provide proof of, adequate relevant insurance cover to the satisfaction of GetaFIX.

GetaFIX and Responsible Internet Sustainability Effort Inc will not be responsible for any loss and damages to the participants caused by the operations of GetaFIX or its participants.

GetaFIX and Responsible Internet Sustainability Effort Inc will not be responsible for any illegal activities performed by any GetaFIX participants.